The bathroom is one place you want to ensure has no issues.  When you are in the bathroom you are pretty much at your most vulnerable point.  You are basically standing there with your pants down or totally naked in a shower.  As a result, you don’t want to have issues arise in these particular situations.

When it comes to bathroom installation in fenton, mo you want to first look at the foundation and flooring of your bathroom.  The flooring for your bathroom needs to be reinforced.  What this means is that the two by fours and rafters under your bathroom need to be strong and rot and termite free.  If you have issues with these then your structure is unsafe.


The next thing that you want to do is make sure that the pipes are secure and free of damage.  If you have a crack or dent it might not sound like an issue at first, but over time this can weaken and cause leaks and other issues.


As you use your bathroom you want to use drain cleaners and other materials to ensure that your pipes don’t back up and burst.  At times these clogs can be deep within the pipes and inaccessible by normal means.   The only way to ensure that pipes are clear of clogs is to use cleaners that get down where tools can’t reach.

Make sure everything is secure

bathroom installation in fenton, mo

When doing your remodel make sure that everything is secure.  You want to make sure that the toilets don’t rock, that the vanity is secure and that you don’ have any leaks or other water dripping from pipes.  If everything is secure then you know that you are in a safe situation that will only help you not harm you.