Coating the garage flooring with epoxy is beneficial to any homeowner. Epoxy not only gives the floor an amazing shine, it protects it against damage and wear and tear. Homeowners endure fewer repair costs and extend the life expectancy of the floor with simple epoxy coating. This one simple addition can make a big difference in the usage of the room and so much more.

How much Does Epoxy Cost?

What’s the cost to add epoxy to the flooring in your garage? There is not a one size fits all price for epoxy. Many things impact the costs, so it is important to learn the options and to compare costs. You can DIY but it is best that you hire a professional trained to apply your garage floor epoxy instead.

garage floor epoxy

A DIY epoxy job might cost about $500 but can cost much more than this price depending on your needs and requirements. You need to add a clear top coat to the epoxy to get that awesome shine that enhances the appearance of the room.

Professional installation averages a price of $4 per square foot. The size of the garage is the biggest factor affecting the cost. Professionals apply a minimum of three coats of epoxy to the floor. If you want a clear coat or additional epoxy coats, the price increases. Most garages span about 400 square feet.

Is Epoxy Worth the Price?

The cost of epoxy coating varies but it is worth the price without question. Ask any expert and they’ll tell you that it is true. The benefits discussed above are the biggest and best benefits but many others also exist. It is in your best interest to request estimates and compare costs to find the best priced provider in your area.