Sunroom vs. Solarium – Exploring the Difference

When you’re considering adding things to your home, you may find it a bit confusing when you look around and see sunrooms or solariums. Many homeowners haven’t heard of a solarium, which makes them consider having one built on their property. The main question people have is how a sunroom is different from a solarium, so let’s explore the difference.

What’s a Solarium

A solarium is an addition that involves a room entirely made out of glass, including the roofing of the building and the walls. A solarium is heated and kept cool using an air conditioning unit specified for the individual room, so you can use it throughout the year.

Advantages of a Solarium

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Solariums are made of glass, so you’ll get a full view of the environment as well as plenty of natural light pouring in throughout the day. They also make the ideal place to stargaze and stare into the sky, as the roof is also unobstructed. In short, it’s the perfect way to enjoy the outdoors while in comfort.

Solariums are enclosed with thick glass as well, so you won’t have to worry about energy efficiency. If you’re interested in plants, you may also make your solarium a greenhouse.

What’s a Sunroom

A sunroom, also called a four season room by sunroom contractors in Elmsform, NY, is a room that is added onto the home and kept comfortable throughout the year. They are typically less costly than solariums and give you a good view of the outdoors, though you may not have as much visibility as you would with a solarium.

If you’re considering adding onto your home or property, you may consider a solarium or a sunroom – your choice will depend on your individual preferences as well as your budget.